Naomi Larsson

One Earth Fellow, European Union, 2019

Naomi is a freelance journalist based in London covering the environment, foreign affairs and culture for a number of British and international outlets. She has covered stories around the world, reporting on farming in Kenya, the Venezuelan migration crisis, and biodiversity in Colombia. Before becoming freelance, she was a writer and commissioning editor on the Guardian's global development network, and contributed to their award-winning series on elephant conservation. In 2017 she was awarded a fellowship from the International Journalists’ Programme to work at Der Tagesspiegel in Berlin. She has also spoken at the United Nations Development Programme's Social Good Summit in Istanbul, and curated a Guardian event in Buenos Aires on sustainable development in Latin America. She has a masters in journalism from City University London, specialising in humanitarian reporting, and in 2019 she was a winner of MHP's young journalists awards.