Roland Bunch, PhD

Roland Bunch, PhD, of The Center for Regenerative Agriculture and Resilient Systems,  is one of the most well-respected and honored leaders in regenerative land management, both in terms of food security and addressing ecological degradation and climate disruption. He has worked as a consultant in sustainable agricultural development for over 40 NGOs and governments in 50 nations. The second of his four books, “Two Ears of Corn, A Guide to People-Centered Agricultural Improvement,” is a best-seller on agricultural development programs in developing nations. In 1983, Dr. Bunch began investigating the use of plants for regenerating the soil, which he calls “green manure/cover crops.” Through his Better Soils - Better Lives initiative, his goal is to double the agricultural productivity of 70% of Sub-Saharan farmers in twenty years, and thereby end hunger. His confidence is based on the successful implementation of regenerative principles there and by millions of farmers across the world.