Protecting Cheetahs by Enhancing Pastoral Women’s Livelihoods in Somaliland

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The world’s fastest land animal, the cheetah, Acinonyx jubatus, is losing its race for survival. Today, cheetahs inhabit just 9% of their historical range, and their population is drastically declining because of habitat loss, the illegal wildlife trade, and human-wildlife conflict. Since pastoral women in Somaliland are mostly involved in herd caring, they are in a position to stop conflicts with cheetahs before they start and help save this species.

This project from the Cheetah Conservation Fund will train local women on predator-friendly herd management techniques, predator identification, and wildlife behavior patterns. Improved knowledge and awareness about predators will help minimize livestock loss and enhance the confidence and livelihoods of the participating women. It will also prevent the indiscriminate killing of cheetahs and other wildlife, helping to revitalize and protect the ecosystem.

More information coming soon.

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