A student of Guinjata School stands in front of an educational mural which the Love The Oceans team painted that says 'Don't dirty our oceans' in Portuguese - the national dialect of Mozambique. Image courtesy of Danielle Da Silva for Photographers Without Borders.

Protecting Oceans by Creating Generational Change in Mozambique

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Rural coastal communities in Mozambique are witnessing marine ecosystems collapse due to the impacts of climate change. Local women want to take action but feel powerless as gender inequity plagues the region, and they are left out of conservation talks. Love the Oceans seeks to empower these Daughters with ocean-related skill sets so they can preserve biodiversity and create generational change.

Love The Oceans team scuba diving for research in Mozambique. Photo: courtesy of Danielle Da Silva for Photographers Without Borders.

This project will train women to swim and dive and certify them as swimming instructors, lifeguards, and scuba divers. This preparation will enable women to have careers in assessing reef productivity and health and monitoring aquatic life. The entire community will benefit as the fish stocks heal due to the protection and preservation of the ocean.

A humpback whale pops out of the water to say hello and check out the Love The Oceans research boat in Jangamo, Mozambique. Photo: courtesy of Jeffrey Garriock for Photographers Without Borders.

More information coming soon.

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