Hands Off The Arctic! Spreading our message at NYC Climate Week. Photo: courtesy of Global Choices

Protecting the Central Arctic Ocean Ice Shield Through Youth Leadership

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The Arctic is a globally significant ecosystem rapidly approaching its tipping point. Its sea ice reflects the sun, acting as a planetary cooling system key to Earth’s climate stability. Global Choices is a women-led and intergenerational environmental organization, and their network of youth climate activists, Arctic Angels, wants to “save the ice.”

Photo: courtesy of Global Choices

Funding for this project will prepare 20 youth leaders to effectively defend the Arctic through four workshops. It will encourage them to share their climate justice experiences, connect to Arctic Indigenous Peoples, and empower them to convince influential figures and governments to endorse Arctic conservation. Support will help harness the emerging youth climate movement, the power of the feminine, and the importance of inclusion, especially Indigenous knowledge.

Photo: courtesy of Global Choices

More information coming soon.

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