Colorful anthias swim around a vibrant coral reef thriving near the island of Alor in Indonesia. This tropical Pacific region is home to an extraordinary amount of marine biodiversity.

Restoring Marine Biodiversity in Indonesia Through Women Fishmongers

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Women play a significant role in Alor, Indonesia’s fisheries, managing fish sourcing, processing, and marketing. Yet, their role is still limited due to gender inequity, their capacity, and domestic responsibilities. This project from Thresher Shark Indonesia aims to support women fishmongers to improve their well-being and make the usage of marine resources in the region more sustainable.

Funding will provide proper fishery equipment and train women in management, financial literacy, and product diversification. It will connect them to markets outside the region and help them to build business networks. In the long term, this project will restore biodiversity as the Alor community feels the economic improvement and stops further marine extraction.

More information coming soon.

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