From left to right, Alma Merendón, Rosa González, Cristal Galindo, and Celedonia Alvarado leaders in native vegetation production, restoration, and monitoring activities at Laguna Grande site. Image credit: Rabi Hernandez, Sonoran Institute

Restoring the Colorado River Delta with a Diverse Environmental Team

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The Colorado River connects to the sea, with water for both healthy landscapes, flourishing wildlife, and thriving communities. Yet, not long ago, the Delta had been left to die until The Sonoran Institute stepped in to restore and protect this crucial habitat. Funding for this project will revive, enhance, and maintain 751 acres of this region.

As the restored area has increased and water presence has been permanent in the last two years, beaver (Castor canadensis) sightings are more common.  Beavers feed on cottonwoods (Populus sp.) at Laguna Grande restoration site. Image credit: Guadalupe Fonseca, Sonoran Institute

Women comprise most of those working in the Delta with a diverse team of coordinators, field technicians, environmental educators, nursery managers, and biology monitors. Support will allow these Daughters to conduct restoration activities that include irrigation, weeding, fire prevention, vigilance, and signage to prevent vandalism. It will also help spread awareness to engage the local community and inspire them to restore and conserve the Colorado River Delta for generations.

A group of Environmental Laboratory Technician (high school) students at Laguna Grande restoration site. Learning about native vegetation, wildlife and connecting with the Colorado river. Image credit: Rabi Hernandez, Sonoran Institute

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