Science says we can solve the climate crisis. To stay below the dangerous threshold of 1.5°C in global average temperature rise, we need to preserve 50% of earth’s land. That means we need to take immediate action to support on-the-ground efforts to protect that land from human development. 

It can be done.

Where is the land we need to preserve?

The preservation of scientifically-identified land hotspots is the beating heart behind the fight to save our planet. More than two years in development, the Global Safety Net is the first comprehensive global-scale analysis of terrestrial areas essential for biodiversity and climate resilience, totaling 50.4% of the earth's land. The report, A “Global Safety Net” to reverse biodiversity loss and stabilize earth’s climate, was published in Science Advances and highlights the importance of protecting and restoring the natural world to address three converging crises — climate change, biodiversity loss, and food security. 

What else does science say?

Our partner One Earth commissioned scientific research revealing the three shifts we can and must make to fight climate change.