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Daughters for Earth is a movement that is celebrating and amplifying the efforts of women around the globe who are at the forefront of protecting and safeguarding Mother Earth. We provide funding for their work, increase awareness about the vital role they play in climate solutions, and mobilize other women to take proactive steps to protect our planet.

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Despite their demonstrated effectiveness as Earth’s stewards, women receive less than two cents of each charitable dollar allocated to climate and environmental causes. To secure our future, this pattern must change. And you can help effect this change.

The hummingbird effect plays on the idea that every contribution, no matter how small, can yield significant outcomes. It is a story of inspiration and hope for our planet — a call to mobilization. Let’s engage each other in fun and creative ways as you gain insights into the scientific foundations of our daughters’ endeavors.

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Everyone has something to give. Discover how you can make a difference. Sometimes it’s financial support, sometimes it’s small things we can do in our everyday life. Check out these lifestyle practices that we can all adopt to fight climate change.

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