Our Solutions are Backed by Science

Our approach is based on scientific research spearheaded by our partners at One Earth, which confirms that solutions to the climate crisis are attainable. This research extensively maps the Earth’s landscape, highlighting regions in urgent need of protection.


Further, the science outlines three key pillars of action that will help solve the climate change and biodiversity loss crises and limit global temperature rise to the critical threshold of 1.5°C. These actions include:

  1. Protecting and restoring 50% of the world’s lands and seas
  2. Adopting regenerative agriculture practices
  3. Transitioning to renewable energy sources

The science tells us that if we want to witness substantial change, we must channel increased attention and resources into these actions. And while it has been recognized that women play a significant role in leading these initiatives, they are often unrecognized for their contributions.

Daughters for Earth not only wants to reverse this trend, but we also want to focus our efforts on the science. We are, therefore, dedicated to supporting women-led initiatives that fall under these categories:

Initiatives that protect and restore nature

We support women-led initiatives focused on preserving biodiversity and safeguarding vital global ecosystems, including threatened lands, waters, and wildlife. Projects span a range of actions, including tree-planting, mangrove restoration, coral rehabilitation, species reintroductions, and the implementation of barrier mitigation measures like road crossing structures or the development of wildlife corridors.

Further, we extend our support to initiatives that prevent or mitigate pressures that could push ecosystems, wildlife, or communities to critical thresholds. These projects include management of land and marine conservation, securing land tenure rights for Indigenous and local communities, anti-poaching efforts, and community campaigns.

Initiatives that embrace regenerative agriculture

We support women-led initiatives that enhance soil health and advance sustainable food and fiber production through fair and regenerative agricultural practices. The focus is on rejuvenating traditional practices that work in harmony with land and water ecosystems. Projects encompass aiding smallholder farmers in adopting regenerative or agroecological practices, expanding local food systems, and transitioning towards alternative, sustainable fibers.

Initiatives that promote the adaptation and use of renewable energy

Because renewable energy sources offer a pathway to reduce carbon emissions, combat climate change, and establish a sustainable future, we support women-led initiatives aimed at promoting its adaptation and use. We envision a world where renewable energy sources are fully harnessed, providing our communities with resilience and balance.

Our Advisory Circle identifies and guides our work, while our Wise Daughters Council selects annual grantees. Our global grant-making relies on One Earth’s Project Marketplace, an online database showcasing vetted, location-specific initiatives led by grassroots organizations, local communities, and NGOs. We are currently not accepting unsolicited grant proposals.



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