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Daughters for Earth is a movement that is celebrating and amplifying the efforts of women and girls around the globe who are at the forefront of safeguarding Mother Earth. We provide funding for their work, increase awareness about the vital role they play in climate solutions, and mobilize other women and girls to take proactive steps to protect our planet.

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Despite making remarkable contributions to environmental preservation and climate solutions, women are frequently excluded from decision-making processes related to climate change. Their efforts often lack funding and their voices remain unheard. Join us in amplifying the voices and efforts of our Daughters.

Women and girls worldwide are significant drivers of change. Their impact would be greater if they received more support and access to the right resources. You can be part of the change by standing in solidarity with them, supporting their work and adopting sustainable lifestyle choices for yourself.

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Every action however small, when taken by many, can bring about transformative change. We invite you to join our hummingbird community where your actions will make a difference for our planet. Here, you will learn about the science behind climate change, connect with like-minded individuals, and explore practical tips to incorporate sustainable practices into your daily life.

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Surya and the Moon

Fifty percent of proceeds benefit Daughters for Earth with this jewelry, including a single gold stud, enamel earrings with white sapphires, and a hand-painted medallion with blue sapphires, exclusively at Greenwich St. Jewelers and SuryaandtheMoonJewels.com

Jiggy Puzzles

Jiggy Puzzles offers a 500-piece #TheHummingbirdEffect Puzzle featuring artwork by Daughters for Earth’s graphic novel cover artist, Farah Brightart, priced at $40 with proceeds supporting Daughters for Earth, exclusively at JiggyPuzzles.com

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