3rd Indigenous Women’s March by ANMIGA (National Association of Ancestral Indigenous Women Warriors) Theme: Women of the Amazon Biome in Defense of Biodiversity through Ancestral Roots

Marching in Brasilia in Defense and Protection of Amazonian Biomes

The National Association of Indigenous Women Ancestral Warriors (ANMIGA) is organizing the Third Indigenous Women’s March from September 11 to 13, 2023 in Brasilia, Brazil. It is happening at a historic juncture during which the Marco Temporal Bill is being discussed by ministers to determine whether Indigenous territories validated after 1988 should finally be formally recognized as Indigenous territories and be granted protection from extractive projects.

This women-led mobilization is unique in that The National Association of Indigenous Women Ancestral Warriors (ANMIGA) is the result of a historic articulation and mobilization by Indigenous women in defense of their rights. They address a convergence of multiple struggles, lifting their voices to fight for the survival of Indigenous peoples, for ancestral territories, and for the continuity of their way of life and caring for the world.

In addition to a large mobilization of Indigenous women, with assemblies, panels, and marches in Brasilia, ANMIGA is planning a special course on Business and Human Rights to help support the struggles of Indigenous women leading campaigns and actions against big corporations and a Global Congress of Indigenous Women in Politics. Together with the camp and mobilizations, these initiatives will strengthen their organizations and strategies to defend their territories.

As ANMIGA states: “Connecting and reconnecting the potential of the voices of the ancestors that are the seeds of the land, which make up the ANMIGA network, will be a moment of strengthening for Indigenous women who are with their body territory in motion, proposing new dialogues and projects for Brazil, based on their struggles and voices.”


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September 28, 2023

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