Restoration of Intelligent Forests – Brazil

Recovering Waterways through Tree-planting in Degraded Habitats

Intelligent Forests is a women-led project that is restoring 342 ha of degraded habitats in the Sao Paulo region by planting 569,440 seedlings and seeding native species in the Atlantic Forest.

The goal of planting native trees within this ecosystem is to improve soil fertility, reduce erosion, and protect the sites from excessive sun and heat that will contribute to conserving a healthy forest. The sites that were chosen for planting are relevant for forest restoration, as they are mainly Permanent Preservation Areas (APPs) that perform several functions, including: protecting waterway banks; avoiding water pollution and silting; maintaining soil permeability; improving water quality and rebuilding ecological corridors that facilitate the gene flow of fauna and flora within the Atlantic Forest.

The project by One Tree Planted also includes a Seed Collection Program, which will train and provide tools for local teams, the majority of which are women, to help them collect their own seed, supply projects and become “forest multipliers”.  Daughters for Earth is proud to be able to contribute with the planting of 10,000 seedlings.


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September 28, 2023

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