Mama Zulfa and the Women’s Mangrove Restoration in Mtangawanda, Kenya 

In Lamu County, Kenya, the mangroves of Mtangawanda face threats from overexploitation, land conversion, and pollution, with over 40% of the area degraded. The Mtangawanda Women’s Association, established in 2018, has grown from 15 members to a key force in mangrove restoration. With support from organizations like Daughters for Earth, they’ve planted over 61,000 mangroves across 12.5 hectares of degraded land. This restoration not only benefits the environment but also uplifts local women’s livelihoods through access to microfinance groups for sustainable businesses. Beyond mangrove restoration, the association initiates projects such as water desalination, school toilet construction, and water reservoir renovation, showcasing their commitment to community development. Challenges persist, including permit issues with the Forest Department, but supported by Daughters for Earth, the association envisions a restaurant, resource center, and meeting spaces to educate visitors about their work. Despite obstacles, their resilience promises a brighter future, aiming to create employment opportunities, attract visitors, and expand their impact for a greener, more prosperous community. In this video, Zulfa Hassan “Mama Zulfa” takes on a journey in the Mtangawanda village to show us the work the Mtangawanda Women’s Association Group is doing to restore and protect the Mangroves.


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June 5, 2024

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