Accelerating Climate Solutions in Canada Through Indigenous Leadership

Indigenous Climate Action (ICA) was formed in 2015 in Amiskwaciwâskahikan (Edmonton, Alberta) by four Indigenous women to bridge gaps between Indigenous Peoples’ lived experiences and climate change policies. They founded ICA to bring Indigenous knowledge and leadership into climate solutions.

Their Climate Leadership Program (CLP) empowers Indigenous Peoples, helps develop regionally relevant climate strategies, centers Indigenous knowledge, and creates a network of Indigenous climate leaders.

This project enhances CLP’s support for Indigenous Climate Leaders beyond the 69th parallel, equipping participants with essential climate science knowledge, Indigenous perspectives on climate action, and the ability to connect climate change with Indigenous well-being. It also emphasizes Indigenous sovereignty and resilience, climate science proficiency, understanding the impacts of human activity on the environment, and the promotion of climate solution projects at various scales.

This effort aims to strengthen Indigenous communities’ climate action capabilities through education, training, networking, and resource curation.


Posted on

September 28, 2023

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