Empowering Women as They Reforest their Land in the Brazilian Amazon

A group of women of the Paricá River have taken leadership roles in the Sapó Cooperative around agroforestry and healthy food production. In recent years they have developed recipes using raw materials from agroforestry systems and began to prepare and sell fruit bars for municipal schools in the region. Now, they are ready to grow and scale their project.

They are getting support from BioTech for the technological development of fruit bars containing guaraná and other fruits grown agroecologically in the forest and to design the layout of a small commercial kitchen that will allow them to have a professional space that meets market standards.

The grant to Regenerosity will support the Women of the Paricá River to build a 10m x 10m commercial kitchen powered by solar energy, improve their agroforestry skills, and learn business management. This project will help women’s vision of developing resilient communities, dignified livelihoods, and healthy ecosystems, ultimately strengthening their role as protectors of the Amazon.


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September 28, 2023

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