Revitalizing Wayana Food Sovereignty in Suriname for a Healthier Community

The Wayana Indigenous Food Sovereignty Revitalization Project by The Mulokot Foundation intends to bring back the cultivation of various vegetables and fruits in the Wayana community so as to relieve dependency on outside sources of food and promote a return to a healthier lifestyle for the Wayana community members. The funding will be used for revitalizing old Indigenous farming practices, which were lost when their people were gathered together in large villages by the church.

Young Indigenous girls (and boys) will be taught the old ways of farming vegetables and fruit so as to diversify the Wayana diet and bring back much of the produce and fruit that is no longer consumed regularly by the Wayana. Seeds, agricultural tools, and materials will be purchased. Funds will also be used to set up informative workshops for the people, specifically for school children and youth, to keep the community engaged in what the young Wayana is being taught.


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September 29, 2023

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