Strengthening Land Tenure Security in a Maasai Community in Tanzania

The Ujamaa Community Resource Team is undertaking a project aimed at bolstering the security of land and resources for the Maasai community in northern Tanzania. This initiative seeks to empower the Maasai people to preserve their traditional way of life, which is presently threatened by encroaching agricultural activities and unsustainable development practices.

By securing land tenure in four key villages in Simanjiro district, the project aims to support the sustainable management of natural resources, planned grazing, and the conservation of critical wildlife habitats in the Tarangire and Maasai Steppe ecosystems. These traditional practices help build resilience against adverse weather changes, such as droughts and heavy rains while preventing land erosion.

This endeavor aligns with Tanzania’s legal framework, promoting the legal ownership of communally held land and enhancing the Maasai community’s ability to adapt to climate change, improve livelihoods, and safeguard vital wildlife breeding areas.


Posted on

September 29, 2023

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