Regenerating Communities and Empowering Women through Agroforestry in Kasese, Uganda

In the vulnerable agriculture-dependent communities of Kasese, Uganda, a local women-led agroforestry initiative is empowering women and girls through regenerative landscape restoration. This project by TreeSisters provides agroforestry training, income generation, and fuel-efficient stoves to strengthen climate resilience.

Alpha Women has successfully supported local communities in the region, and now the aim is to expand to four more villages and directly assist 500 women and 100 girls with practical and leadership skills training. The holistic approach will develop sustainable, productive landscapes using trees and grasses to improve soil, reduce erosion and landslides, and provide food, fuel, and income. Young girls will receive vocational training through building low-energy cookstoves and reactivating a reusable sanitary pad enterprise.


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September 29, 2023

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