Invigorating Soil and Families in Rapa Nui through Nutritious Food

The Rapa Nui Network of Agroecological Producers spawned from the Family Garden program that was set up by the municipality of Easter Island during the food crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Months without supplies from mainland Chile made it evident that it was time to encourage families to grow their own food by learning agroecological practices that guaranteed food sovereignty.

Three years later, the Rapa Nui Network of Agroecological Producers is supporting about 1,200 family gardens. Organic seeds, organic fertilizers, and natural insecticides have improved soil quality, invigorated vegetables, and increased the nutritional value of food among family members and island inhabitants. Vegetables are harvested every two months, with yields of 30 boxes per harvest, of which a portion is distributed among the neediest families, people with disabilities, and the elderly. Members of the network participate in a fair-trade system whereby they can keep prices 40% lower than in the local market.

To expand this program to the rest of the families on the island, the agroecological specialists in the network have identified the need for two pieces of equipment to spread prepared soil over exposed rocky surfaces and to help with the cultivation process. The grant from Daughters for Earth will contribute to the acquisition of said equipment.


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September 28, 2023

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