Protecting Dugongs and Seagrass in Pantar Island Marine Protected Area

The dugong is the only species of Sirenian in Indonesia and is a vital seagrass pollinator in its marine environment. Yet, small-scale fishing and bycatching threaten the species and its entire ecosystem.

Support for this project will help Tamang Dugong Indonesia start a pilot research program in Pantar Island, a dugong habitat and fishing area, to collect data on dugongs, seagrass, and other megafauna. This first-of-its-kind local study will promote sustainable use and habitat preservation for dugongs and seagrass and analyze carbon sequestration for climate change mitigation.

Additionally, the project emphasizes women-led conservation and comprehensive education efforts, including awareness materials, tourism management, and collaboration to support a blue economy, ensuring the protection of a vital marine migration corridor in this island nation.


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September 29, 2023

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