Protecting the Sacred Rainforest Sites of Indonesia’s Dayak Taboyan

The Dayak Taboyan community faces a growing threat to their sacred and historic sites located within the Gunung Oke Rainforest in Indonesia, which is surrounded by logging and coal mining activities. To protect these sites, the Gunung Oke forest has been granted Village Forest status, encompassing 3,467 hectares. A community group, Lembaga Pengelolaan Hutan Desa (LPHD) Gunung Oke, will conduct an expedition to inventory, register, and save these ancestral sites, involving the community in the process.

The project by Save Our Borneo aims to gain stronger government recognition and prevent industry exploration by establishing strict boundaries. Challenges include the long distance to the region and navigating Indonesian bureaucracy, but the community-driven initiative seeks to safeguard the rainforest and its biodiversity from exploitation, drawing attention through a public campaign and media engagement.


Posted on

September 29, 2023

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