Saving Nigeria’s Critically Endangered Niger Delta Red Colobus Monkey

The Foundation for Sustainability of Ecosystems, Wildlife, and Climate is on a critical mission to ensure the survival of the critically endangered Niger Delta red colobus monkey in Nigeria’s Niger River Delta. With the last known population confined to a mere 1,500 sq. km in Bayelsa State, Nigeria, this species ranks among the world’s 25 most endangered primates. The primary threats it faces are habitat loss due to excessive logging, oil extraction, and commercial bushmeat hunting.

Through working closely with the Apoi Community of Bayelsa State, the Apoi Community Conservation Area (ACCA) was established, covering 1,013 hectares where community rangers are on patrol to protect the last stronghold of these red colobus monkeys. This area also harbors other threatened species, such as grey parrots, home’s hinge-back tortoises, West African dwarf crocodiles, and white-bellied pangolins.

This project seeks support for reforestation, habitat expansion, and youth engagement in reforestation efforts. Additionally, it aims to advocate for a legal framework at the state level to protect the species and secure political backing for ACCA, the last lifeline for the Niger Delta red colobus monkey’s survival in the region. As the only functioning protected area in the Niger Delta, ACCA faces mounting pressure to safeguard the vital habitat these primates depend on.


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September 29, 2023

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