Protecting the Congo Basin’s Kokolopari Bonobo Reserve Through Regenerative Agriculture

In the Congo Basin rainforest, home to immense biodiversity and carbon sequestration, unsustainable practices like slash-and-burn agriculture, illegal logging, and bushmeat hunting threaten ecosystems and species survival. This initiative aims to establish a model farm and nursery to promote regenerative agriculture among the region’s smallholder farmers, predominantly women, who depend on land to survive.

This project by Congo Education Partners Inc. will build local capacity for multi-species farming that improves soil health and stability by providing training, technologies, and agroforestry supplies. This regenerative approach will also affirm women’s leadership in a culture where they lack rights and recognition. The aim is to develop a sustainable agricultural model that protects the Congo Basin’s forests and empowers its women farmers.


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September 29, 2023

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