Revaluing and Strengthening the Production of Nahua Backyard Gardens for Healthy Diets in Northeastern Mountains of Puebla, Mexico

Health guardians promoters, Indigenous women who care for the land, seek to generate local food production through family gardens called kaltsintan in Nahuatl, through sustainable agroecological practices such as the construction of bio-intensive gardens, vermicompost and compost for the fertilization of soils in an organic way, complementing with ancestral knowledge for its use and management, thus promoting a healthy diet, in addition to contributing financially to families.

This project seeks to strengthen the needs of the health guardians, such as installing “kaltsintan” backyards, which consists of the acquisition of shade mesh for the protection of the rain and sun for the vegetable and medicinal plants, in addition to acquiring tools to strengthen the work of women and increase production in each of the families.

With this project by Tosepan Pajti SC de RL de CV, self-provision of food will continue to be strengthened by supporting the creation of “kaltzintan” backyards, where a variety of vegetables (chard, lettuce, radish, coriander, cucumber, cabbage, jalapeño pepper) and of quelites (papalo quelite, quintonil, hierbamora , mafafa) are to be grown and complemented with the use and rescue of medicinal plants.  In addition, this project will strengthen the rescue and conservation of native seeds such as kidney tomato, chiltepin, quintonil, papaloquelite, pipián, sesame, and pumpkin, which are ancestral consumption products, essential in the basic diet of Nahuat families. The goal is to recover and build an integral health plan for fifty families through a healthy diet and healthy habits.

Agroecological practices will include vermicomposting and composting to fertilize soils, thus increasing edible plant species in backyards and throughout the territory, thus contributing to soil conservation for future generations. The production unit will be complemented with native Melipona bees that will both act as pollinators for the backyard plants and provide products such as honey, propolis, and pollen that will help prevent gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases.


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September 29, 2023

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