Restoring the Namuli Rainforest and Community Health in Mozambique

On Mozambique’s sacred Mount Namuli, biodiversity loss threatens ecosystems, traditional medicine, and community health. To restore the mountain’s rainforests, Legado facilitates community-led reforestation focused on replanting native species used for healing. This preserves ecological and cultural heritage while empowering Namuli’s steward communities. Grant support will map degraded areas, expand community nurseries and planting campaigns, and convene local leadership teams to regenerate medicinal plants and wildlife habitats.

The project by Namuli Wiwanana actualizes the Namuli Community Legacy Plan, created by residents prioritizing forest conservation together with livelihoods, education, and health. As slash-and-burn agriculture and deforestation compromise water, biodiversity, and plant medicine, reforestation directly links forest health to community wellbeing. Legado’s participatory approach lets Namuli communities shape their thriving future through regenerative action benefiting people and ecosystems interdependently. This community-designed project meets intersecting needs for ecological revival and public health on their sacred ancestral mountain.


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September 29, 2023

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