Healing the Earth By Restoring Indigenous Land in California

The Landback Program is a transformative initiative that empowers California Native communities to reclaim their rightful roles as stewards of the land and champions of ecological restoration. In partnership with the Deep Medicine Circle, the Landback Program recognizes that climate change is a result of colonialism and capitalism, which have profoundly impacted both human societies and the planet’s health.

At Te Kwe A’naa Warep farm, under the guidance of Ohlone leader Charlene Eigen-Vasquez, the Deep Medicine Circle is working tirelessly to return the land to the Ohlone people. This project aims to restore an eight-acre field at Te Kwe A’naa Warep to its native state by planting a Native food forest featuring plants found in the Coastal Oak Savannah.

This endeavor honors the historical connection of the land to Indigenous communities and seeks to heal generational trauma while facilitating the revival of Indigenous cultures. The Landback Program offers a powerful pathway to reconciliation and envisioning new ways of harmonious coexistence between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples and the natural world.


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September 29, 2023

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